Thursday, 26 September 2013

Black Harvest by Ann Pilling

This is the first horror I have ever read and if you want to try something light from this genre then this is a good choice as it isn't too gruesome.

The Blakemans are extremely poor so when offered a free holiday in Ireland they can hardly wait. When they get there everything seems perfect, a modern bungalow, lovely beach and gorgeous surroundings the only obvious problem is Oliver and he is easy to deal with. But when other things start happening they aren't so sure.

The character I find most easy to sympathise with is Colin because he is often left in charge, unlike Oliver he isn't all brains but then he isn't imaginative like Prill. He likes to clime and swim and when he hears of Prills dreams he laughs but then he starts seeing things too. Colin also has a temper which makes him a more interesting character because he can make mistakes because of anger.

Overall the thing I like best about Ann Pilling's book is the way she makes it so real, nothing seems unrealistic and unbelievable, it all feels true.

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