Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Our Island Story by H.E. Marshall

From Albion and Brutus right up until the famous rule of Queen Victoria, Britain has had intriguing and often gory history. Sometimes History books dull this down and what once was a tale of bravery and challenge becomes a list of dates and facts this book isn't like that, it really brings history alive. Every character is real to you and when the Britain's are conquered you morn with them and rejoice when the victors are destroyed.

My favourite 'story' is probably the tale of the two princes in the tower. I like this one because it is such a mystery. Why would any one kill two innocent young boys? Every time I read the tale I can come up with a different reason for their capture and then subsequently their death. My favourite character is King Richard III in this story because he has such a deep character. He wants the crown so much he is prepared to murder his two innocent nephews.

This book is a great read and a fun way to learn the history of Britain. I thouerly enjoyed reading it and have read it three times already.

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