Wednesday, 11 December 2013

The Doll People by Ann M. Martin and Laura Godwin

Although perhaps at first glance this book may seem a  little childish it is in actual fact a classic. The Doll people are like the borrowers except they don't 'borrow' anything. In fact they can't, if they did they might end up in permanent doll state and that would even more boring than being an alive doll. Annabel is eight years old, at least that's the age Kate wanted her to be. In fact Annabel had been eight for over a hundred years, however the only interesting thing that had happened to her in her whole life time was when Aunt Sarah went missing, that was around forty years ago.

This book has a very interesting take on how dolls live and it is not as free and easy as we might imagine. Unlike many other authors who have written about living toys this author describes it in a way that makes it feel like it could be true. Dolls who make the promise have to be careful, not every toy is alive and if they make too many mistakes or are spotted too many times then they could end up like that too. The danger is that after you've been living over a hundred years there are plenty of opportunities to be spotted whilst moving or when you are out of place.

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