Thursday, 26 May 2016

Horrible Histories- Bristol Hippodrome

I grew up reading and watching Horrible Histories. In fact, all of my friends did, and it was almost constantly a topic of conversation, 'have you read this or that book yet,' 'which is your favorite?' etc. etc. It came to the point that a lot of my friends knew the theme tune to the CBBC show, although I never quite got to that point. Anyway, today all of these old memories were brought back, when I went to watch Horrible Histories at the Hippodrome in Bristol.

From the start the atmosphere was amazing. The whole theatre was packed, and with one of the liveliest audiences I think I've ever seen- possibly partly because they were all under the age of 13. As the lights dimed and the show began everyone went silent, ready for the cast to appear, from the get go they owned the stage.

The whole performance was done in a pantomime style, with the audience encouraged to join in singing along and a few members even invited up onto the stage. During the interval I had a brief conversation with two boys who were sat in front of me, asking them if they were enjoying the performance. Both said yes very adamantly, describing aspects of it as 'scary' and others as 'hilarious.' The second half was particularly entertaining, when we were all given 3D glasses so that we could confront the minatour, more realistically.

The cast was amazing, engaging and talented. All the Hippodrome staff were wonderful and helpful. I would definitely encourage others to go, especially if you are aged 7- 13, enjoy history and love pantomime, This is a perfect mix of facts and fiction, entertainment and education.

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