Saturday, 18 February 2017

The Record

Writing a review has never been so hard. I am not sure how to even begin writing in words, what 'The Record' was like. As I walked out of the theatre I did not even know whether I had enjoyed it or not. I was in shock. Was that one of the best performances I had ever watched, or the worst?

I'd have to admit I spent the first half of the performance waiting for the story line to kick in, and trying desperately to work out what was going on. However, as the performance progressed I began to realise that there wasn't going to be any overarching plot, so instead I began to focus on tiny little moments. Moments of connection between people that had met for the first time on stage. Moments that brought the whole performance together into a vivid reflection of the vibrancy and diversity of life, specifically within Bristol.

One specific instance that stood out to me within 'The Record' was when a whole group of people ran around the edge of the stage. They were all of different ages, different genders, different ethnicity's, and it was as a little old man in a suit jogged past that I realised that this whole performance was full of these heartwarming moments that brought people together. I began to notice the organised chaos as each individual moved exactly as they had been directed, both contrasting and somehow complimenting all the others around them.

Sort of lighthearted humour in the simplicity of the movements and my friend and I, found ourselves reenacting a few of the most iconic movements to our friends at school. I think this was a worthwhile and enjoyable experience, and I would definitely advise people to watch something like this as it certainly opened my eyes to a new element of theatre. However, I would be prepared for the repetitiveness of the sequences, and constantly remind yourself that these people had never met before, as they trust-fell into one another, and got lifted across the stage.

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  1. this is a real good review, got those pros and cons for an accurate recount 👌👌