Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Emily of New Moon by L.M.Montgomery

I really enjoyed Emily of New Moon because I can empathise with her ambitions, hopes and dreams, I felt in her the same kindred spirit and desire to succeed that is in my all time favourite Anne Shirley. L. M. Montgomery creates people and places that will stay with you whatever age you are and if you're like me she will make you cry buckets so make sure you keep some tissues nearby!

Emily is a passionate head strong dreamer with a stroke of Murray pride. I find her very easy to sympathise with because she is by no means perfect, in fact she is headstrong at times as well as being occasionally unforgiving. There are four of them in the gang Perry, Isle, Teddy and Emily, all of them have big dreams. Perry dreams of being a member of parliament, Ilse wants to be a public speaker, Teddy wants to paint and Emily wants to write. The only problem is Perry is a farm help, Teddy's mother doesn't want him to paint, Ilse's father doesn't love her and Emily is forbidden to write, so they each have to go the long route up the 'alpine path.'

I would strongly advise reading Emily of New Moon as well as Anne of Green Gables even though it is very similar because it is aimed at slightly older children. Emily is really easy to empathise with throughout the book as she struggles to fulfil her potential.  Her character is realistic and as someone who's currently fighting their way through the maze of full time education as well as juggling a million and one extra curriculum activities I can find myself stuck with the same kind of problems Emily gets stuck in, the most common, doubting myself. 

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