Friday, 17 January 2014

The Secret Henhouse Theatre by Helen Peters

All they need is a theatre, they have a play, actors everything, but a theatre and that is what they need to enter, then they find the henhouse. Hannah and Lottie are best friends, Hannah helps Lottie with her spelling and Lottie helps Hannah with maths everything seems perfect until... A strange man in a black suite keeps turning up at Hannah's farm, her poem doesn't win and then just as she thinks things can't possibly get any worse their rent blows up, literally. Hannah decides its time for her to take the stage.

Helen Peters creates realistic characters that the readers can empathise with and connect with throughout the book. I felt especially connected to Hannah because I'm very similar to her, I like story writing and acting but I'm awful at maths. The best thing about this book is that it is so realistic and that different characters can relate and appeal to readers in an inspirational way. I have only read this once but I would defiantly read it again.

There is nothing more that I can say about this book without spoiling it for you but it is worth reading. Helen Peters has a beautiful style of writing that makes you feel part of the story, experiencing all of Hannah's troubles and joys.

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