Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Little Men by Louisa M. Alcott

Little Men is the third book in a series by Louisa M. Alcott about the March Family. It would
spoil it if I told too much about Little Men so instead I will start with Little Women. Little
Women is a classic and you should ignore anyone who tells you not to read it. You might find the
beginning a little bit dull but stick at it because it really does get better! My mum read me
little Women as a read aloud and we both really enjoyed it. Louisa M. Alcott really manages to
bring the reader into the family, so that you feel you are one of the March family.

There is a film called Little Women that goes through the first two books mainly focusing on the
second book and the love life of the March girls. So if you would like to watch the film and are
also planning to read the book read the book first so that the film doesn't spoil everything.
Because once you have watched the film you won't be able to make up how the characters look or
act any more you will imagine them the way that the film director imagined them.

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